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Old Service Center

Bantam Panel

Banter Trailer

Banter Jeep Postcard

Buster Broke Down

Banter Jeep

Hollwood Picture

Austin in Hollywood

Old Gas Station

Old Shell Logos

Old Shell Pump

Jumping Mustang

Old Car Tour

Old Gas Station

1914 Standard Oil Service Station


Old Photo

Austin Coupes on Trailer

Logos of a Convenience Store

Old Austin Carrier

Buy of the Week

Car Exhaust

Modern Shell Logo

Cities Service Logo

Old Ohio Gas Station

Oil Cans

Austin engine

Another Austin Engine

Modern Shell Logos

Electric Car Process

Gas, Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hot Rod



57 Chevey



American Bantam Car Company had its roots in England, but its branches spread from Butler throughout the world. In England in 1921 vehicles were taxed according to horsepower and the price of gasoline was extremely high. These two factors led Sir Herbert Austin to design a tiny automobile, unlike anything produced before. Known as the Austin Seven, it enjoyed immediate popularity.....MORE





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