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Garden High School Alumni Association Website.
We hope that you will find this Website useful and informative. 
They may take away the school, but they can never take away our wonderful memories.  And, as long as we have the memories, GHS will be with us.  So, please consider this Website our Alumni place to share GHS memories.   More....



VA. Mountaineer
Buchanan County's Family Newspaper Since 1922

It's been 75 years since The Virginia Mountaineer published the first edition of what was billed then -- and is still billed now -- as "Buchanan County's Family Newspaper." What started out then as a small four-page weekly newspaper to keep Buchanan County residents aware of the local goings on of the community and as a vehicle for the publication of various legal notices, has grown into an average 24-page weekly newspaper which in 75 years has chronicled the ups, the downs and the in betweens of Buchanan County and her residents.

The Appalachian School of Law is located in the southwest Virginia town of Grundy. This scenic mountain town, the home of award-winning novelist Lee Smith, offers a number of cultural and recreational opportunities, without the high cost of living associated with an urban setting. 

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Appalachian College of Pharmacy offers Virginia's only three-year accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy Program, an innovative educational approach that saves students one year in tuition and related educational expenses and allows them to enter the job market a year before graduates from conventional four-year pharmacy schools.

Buchanan County Public LibraryWelcome to the Buchanan County Public Library,,,,,,,,Your Library Resources Available Anytime, Anywhere.  The Buchanan County Public Library is located on Poe Town Street in Grundy,  Virginia.

Triangle Mountain Institute (TMI).  TMI was operated by the Methodist Church on Garden Creek as an elementary/high school from 1920 to 1936.  It also served as an Orphanage for the Methodist Holston Conference up until 1932 when the 3 story brick building burn down.  The Garden Community rebuild a wood structure which continue to operated as a school until 1936 when the county took over the facilities as a public high school and called it Garden High School. GHS was moved to a new brick building at the forks of Garden Creek and the Levisa River in 1942. This same building has been completely renovated and is now part of the Appalachian College of Pharmacy at Oakwood, VA.


Breaks Interstate Park -- Located on the border between Virginia and Kentucky, the Breaks Interstate Park includes beautiful mountain scenery and the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi, as well as hiking, camping, outdoor recreation activities, a motor lodge, restaurant and conference center.


Mountain Mission School -- Founded in Grundy in the 1920s,  Mountain Mission School provides a residential school environment for children in need  whether they are from the Appalachian region, elsewhere in the United States, or from other countries around the world.

Buchanan County Bird Club. The Buchanan County Bird Club meets at 6:00 p.m. the second Monday of each month at the Buchanan County Public Library in Grundy, VA.  Everyone is welcome - stop by and attend one of our programs to see if this club is for you.  Check the Calendar of Events for meeting time and place changes. 

Southwest Virginia

Local Hikes Ed Talbott has visited and photographed some of the most beautiful areas in our region.


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